Today, more than 200 children are waiting for volunteer mentor-advocates of their own.  We need your help to make a difference... one child at a time. Every day, abused and neglected children in Orange County are taken from their homes and placed into foster care because their parents cannot- or will not- take proper or safe care of them. CASA volunteers are needed to help make sure that the educational, emotional, medical and practical needs of these children are identified and met. 




See how you can make a difference! We would love to hear from you to answer any questions or have you join us for an upcoming information session. Call us at 714.619.5149 or email Matthew Wadlinger at to reserve a seat at the next volunteer information session or to ask any questions you may have. For a list of upcoming information session dates, please see our Information Session page.



Help us spread the word about the incredible work that CASA does for our community's abused and neglected children. With over 200 kids on CASA's waiting list, we are always in need of help recruiting more volunteers and building our team of financial partners. Please contact us if you are part of a company, church, community group, or organization where we may be able to come speak, or if you have any questions or ideas about increasing CASA's exposure throughout Orange County, 714.619.5149. If you just want to distribute some information on CASA yourself, there are several documents that can be printed or emailed to share with your friends, co-workers and relatives on CASA's website here.

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CASA volunteers are ordinary people... Men and women, students, and executives, retirees and busy professionals... who give their time and hearts to make an extraordinary difference for some of Orange County's most vulnerable children. 


As a volunteer, you will form a unique one-on-one relationship with your assigned child and will become the best equipped person in your child's life to know what he or she truly needs. 

CASA will provide all of the training you need to be a powerful voice for a child's best interest. We just ask that each volunteer commits to spending time with his or her assigned child at least twice a month- visting at the child's placement, going to a park or sometimes attending special activities and events together. You will also periodically attend court hearings (typically twice annually) and additional time may be required for advocating for the best interests for your child.