2017 Event Chairs

Stefanie Stamires


Stefanie Stamires has been involved with Friends of CASA (FOCASA) since 2012. She fondly remembers her first year working under the dynamic Kathryn Seebold and Courtney Wittkop when they were Holiday Luncheon Co-Chairs. Ms. Stamires has proudly been a part of the Silent Auction Committee, and had the honor of working with Marjie Zethraus and Janine Wald as Silent Auction

Co-Chairs and members of the Executive Committee in 2016.


Ms. Stamires began her career in public relations, and one of her first clients was Teach For America. After observing a classroom lesson led by a prominent celebrity, she realized children and education were her true passion. While working in Orange County as an elementary school teacher, Ms. Stamires became acquainted with the CASA organization, as she had a few students who were involved in the program. Her first-hand knowledge and experience with those students always stayed with her.


With her on-going experience as a silent auction committee member and co-chair, Stefanie is honored to serve CASA and FOCASA as the 2017 Holiday Luncheon Co-Chair with the amazing Marjie Zethraus. The passion she feels for the organization fuels her efforts to deliver another incredibly successful event. She also has been fortunate enough to work alongside

incredible former Co-Chairs.


Currently, Ms. Stamires is the Program Coordinator for, an apparel company in Newport Beach, California, where she helps plan and implement no-cost programs that are designed to encourage dads and their kids to spend meaningful, quality time together. She plans to continue to leverage the partnerships she has created on behalf of to generate interest, and silent auction donations for the luncheon.


Marjie Zethraus


Marjie Zethraus was first introduced to CASA in 2010 as a

member of the Junior League of Orange County, CA (JLOCC). JLOCC partnered with CASA and focused on the emancipating youth, and planned several events for CASAs and their foster

youth to do together, including a fitness day, cooking class,

and etiquette dinner. Zethraus personally planned a scavenger hunt which took CASAs and their foster youth around

Orange County and exposed them to adult life skills such as

how to open a checking account, use the library computers,

find an apartment to rent, and how to find a car to buy.

Each event they planned that year brought laughter

and excitement to the foster youth. Zethraus was honored

to be a part of it and knew instantly that CASA was

a very special organization.


In 2016, the opportunity to become more involved with

CASA came up when Zethraus was asked to join

Friends of CASA and serve on the Holiday Luncheon

committee as Silent Auction Co-Chair. Every woman she met

that year was nothing short of extraordinary.

Everyone worked hard and held up their end of the bargain,

which can be rare in a volunteer situation.

Zethraus thoroughly enjoyed each moment of it, and

was honored to be co-chairing this year’s Holiday Luncheon.

The committee this year is a perfect balance of

Holiday Luncheon “veterans” with experience and

thoughtful advice and new members with fresh ideas.

Everyone is engaged and supports one another which

makes planning the event and raising funds for

Orange County’s foster youth enjoyable

and rewarding on many levels.


CASA of Orange County is proud to present this year's chairs and committee who have made this wonderful event possible. With great thanks to our sponsors and volunteers, as well as many supporters who have donated time, money, effort and products in-kind, we give you our appreciation and present our team for 2017. We would also like to recognize the many quiet heroes who have given so much of themselves to make this event successful.


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Event Chairs


Stefanie Stamires
Marjie Zethraus

Executive Committee

Danette Dye

Sandra Gee

Annette Hellmich

Elizabeth Hopkins

Lori Jackson

Molly Jolly

Patty Juarez

Deborah Keillor

Debra Klein

Sandi Marino

Debbie Masek 
Colleen Masterson

Kimberly DeLamar Matties 
Sarah Minakary 
Jennifer Gonzales Oxen 
Erika Pedersen

Sara VanDusen 
Janine Wald 
Jaynine Warner 
Kristin Wilson

Event Committee

Katherine Ahlswede
Gwendolyn Black
Cristen Boden
Alessandra Brus
Cathie Cardelucci
Elizabeth Carpino
Andrea Casaw
Kathryn Cenci
Janet Colclaser
MacKenzie Collins
Teri Cullen
Lourdes de Quillien
Caren Edler
Raquel Edwards
Jodi Estwick
Michelle Fisher
Maggie Flornes
Tiffanie Foster
Jennifer Franks
Kimberly Gallaway
Jennifer Hanlon
Jennifer Hayes
Fidela Irigoyen
Annette Juptner-Gonzales
Kelly Keyes
Karen Kinsman
Luciana Laszewski 
Cristen Lebsack 
Julie Leigh 
Mei Li 
Alicia Maciel 
Christina Markl 
Stacey McKinnon 
Lisa Bhathal Merage 
Hilary Meurer 
Debbie Miller 
Katie Minardi 
Erin Morgan 
Jill Pillsbury 
Heather Reeves 
Weeda Sanchez 
Marian Sansone 
Sara Scarbo 
Holly Schwartz 
Corinne Sheehan 
Brenda Sietsema 
Shannon Smaldino 
Stacey Smith 
Gina Walton 
Tracy Wiegand 
Lauren Wong